How to Draw GOKU Super Saiyan 4

Published on: Oct 04 2011 by admin

Human male anatomy step by step study with reference to Goku from Dragon Ball GT Please join my fan club on facebook for regular updates.

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25 Comments to “How to Draw GOKU Super Saiyan 4”

  1. 5gun1 says:

    its iiight

  2. gokussjover9000 says:

    @xiquagmireix What?

  3. xiquagmireix says:

    @imadrawer REPLY

  4. imadrawer says:

    Is it better to start with guidelines cause i dont like guide lines PLZ REPLY

  5. SavageWolf211 says:

    if anything thats brolly

  6. Deffwick7 says:

    Buruk busss cam tai ja

  7. fonter09 says:

    cool u also look at ure fist when it comes down to drawing hands

  8. duany001 says:

    los brazon son muy cortos

  9. AiSeVa says:

    eres gay o que

  10. andy1995dude says:

    Nice job dude, keep the good work ! :)

  11. ihatejustinbieber559 says:

    your so fucken gay hor

  12. puyt44 says:

    very cool

  13. MrRachetking says:

    what pencil do you use? and where do you buy them at?

  14. emiliano0121 says:

    you showed me alot thank you

  15. emiliano0121 says:

    you showed me alot thank you

  16. 99forestfire says:

    i was trying to copy the steps u did but u went to turbo jerk

  17. Andro38Z says:

    You really suck. Normally if you were good you would do it by heart!

  18. DragonninjaXX says:

    are you akira toriyama?

  19. qwertyskuxx says:

    simply badass

  20. ChrisDaBest1000 says:

    @halo3gamer9 ur funny nice one :D

  21. MrDani002 says:

    @hellosero92 burning-series (dort kannst du dir alle folgen anschauen ,dort gibts auch noch serien wie naruto oder how i met your mother…. ) :D

  22. DestinysLevel says:

    dude, this suks. check out awaxdem. hes awesome!

  23. derflyffspieler says:

    realy NICE!

  24. NarutoShippudenFC says:


  25. halo3gamer9 says:

    i was getting suspicious at 2:00

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